Imagine simbol curs ESGSFDR2024

Advanced Diploma in ESG & SFDR

Perioadă: 01 march 2024- 12 april 2024
Examen: 23.04.2023
Cod curs: ESGSFDR2024
Program de formare profesională inițială (studii superioare)
Locația și durata de desfășurare: 60 ore (teorie și practică)

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The course offers an in-depth perspective on the ESG and sustainability framework (SFDR, CSRD), including an overview of the regulatory landscape. The diploma has a strong practical component, reflected in a high number of case studies that will allow participants to develop implementation skills.

Legal framework

The initial professional training program offered by AS Financial Markets is organized based on the possession of the following documents:
•    Decision no.A/334/13.08.2013, issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority (A.S.F.), regarding the attestation of the professional training body of AS Financial Markets;
•    A.S.F. authorization. no. A/157/24.10.2013;
•    A.S.F. authorization. no. 14/18.01.2017;
•    A.S.F. authorization. no. 39/14.02.2018;
•    Decision 21.04.2021, the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Romania (B.N.R.) recognizes AS Financial Markets as a professional training body in the field of Law no. 126/2018 on financial instruments markets.

All initial professional training programs or continuing professional training and development programs are completed through authorized program providers.

Their list can be consulted at the Financial Supervisory Authority (A.S.F.) or the National Bank of Romania (B.N.R).

At the end of the course, participants will have the ability to:

  1. Draw up a strategy for compliance with ESG and sustainability criteria;
  2. Critically evaluate companies based on the ESG rating and formulate an investment policy;
  3. Develop product governance policies, by integrating customer sustainability preferences in accordance with MIFID;
  4. Evaluate ESG governance based on a set of performance indicators (KPIs);
  5. Manage SFDR templates.

Program structure

The course is structured on three modules:

Module 1: Introduction to ESG

1.1 ESG fundamentals: factors, common elements, specific aspects

1.2 Environmental factors: carbon footprint and strategic importance in the context of ESG strategy implementation

1.3 Legislative milestones: Taxonomy of sustainable activities, SFDR, CSRD – common aspects and differences

1.4 ESG rating and guiding the investment process: scorecard methodology

1.5 The risk of ecological washing: management strategies

1.6 SWOT analysis at the level of ESG criteria: focus on business opportunities

Module 2: ESG Governance and Sustainability Strategy

2.1 ESG Strategy versus Sustainability and Durability Strategy: connections and differences

2.2 ESG governance models and Key Performance Indicators: best practices

2.3 How to integrate sustainability factor into the ESG rating: product governance

2.4 The impact of the sustainability factor on the suitability test in the context of MIFID 2

2.5 Adverse Impact Management

Module 3: The ESG reporting framework and the integration of ESG criteria in the financial analysis process

3.1 Articulation of SFDR with MIFID 2, CRR 2/3, Solvency 2

3.2 SFDR reporting framework: analysis of technical implementation standards

3.3 SFRD governance: implementation within the organizational structure

3.4 Integration of ESG rating, KPIs and sustainability information in the financial analysis and investment process.


  1.    Mifid, SFRD, CSRD, ESMA Standards
  2.    Understanding Sustainability Principles and ESG Policies: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Public and Corporate Responses to Climate Change, Colin Read, 2023, Palgrave Macmillan
  3.    Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing: A Balanced Analysis of the Theory and Practice of a Sustainable Portfolio, John Hill, 2023, Academic Press
  4.    The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability – Designing for Abundance, William McDonough and Michael Braungart, 2023, North Point Press.

Rules regarding the conduct of training/training and professional development programs 

Documents required for registration:

  1.    Legal person registration form (PDF) / (WORD) or natural person (PDF)
  2.    Copy of identity document
  3.    Copy of higher education diploma
  4.    Proof of payment of the course and exam registration fee (copy of bank payment order or account statement including proof of payment).

The above documents will be uploaded to the  application, to the company account or the individual client account or sent to the e-mail address:
Registration deadline: five working days before the start of the course, subject to availability.

The fee, which includes participation in the course and exam, will be paid to the account: Banca Transilvania S.A., Sucursala Sibiu - Account RO02BTRLRONCRT0503278301


For details or concerns, we are at your disposal:
• phone: 0369-404.124 or 0771-261.036
• e-mail:

Advantages offered by AS Financial Markets.

Participants enrolled in the program benefit from:

  1.    course support in electronic format
  2.    support from lecturers/online consultation sessions during the course of the program
  3.    discussion room and support from AsFM
  4.    IT support
  5.    knowledge assessment tests
  6.    registration for the exam
  7.    graduation certificate online or in written format (within 24 hours of passing the exam)

Graduation certificate

The graduation certificate is issued according to the A.S.F. Regulation. no. 28/2020.

  1. Observation. This graduation certificate does not certify the authorized provision of investment services and activities provided for by Law no. 126/2018 on financial instruments markets, but only certifies the promotion of an initial professional training program recognized by A.S.F.

Bonus prizes!

Participants who pass the exam with grades above 9.50, receive the "Course for personnel providing information on financial investment services or investment consulting" manual for FREE, from AS Financial Markets. It contains 343 pages of valuable information on banking and capital markets that people in these professions can apply on the job.

  1. The manual was developed by the lecturers of the AS Financial Markets body, it is approved by B.N.R (2021) and is the only work of this kind printed at national level.

  2. If you have not followed the professional training course, but you want to deepen your knowledge, you can purchase the manual for the price of 200 RON. For orders, contact us at the email address: or by phone: +40-369.404.124 or at Babeș-Bolyai University Library Cluj.

Regulations for conducting the exam at AsFM

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